Despite being called out by Giorgio Armani on multiple occasions for opting to show her Miu Miu collections in Paris instead of Milan, the designer refuses to budge, explaining that she needs the extra days between Milan and Paris Fashion Week to pull together both collections.She thinks less is more,?telling The Guardian that she thinks people who dress badly are ignorant and that she doesnt understand someone who has a beautiful house and Golden Goose California paintings and dresses badly, but she is staunchly against women showing too much skin. In fact, she believes that the sexier you dress, the less sex you will have.She respects Marc Jacobs as much as he respects her.

As a celebrity stylist and chief stylist at JustFab, this is Jessica Pasters busiest time of year. There are countless award shows to prep for, numerous celebs to outfit in the latest designer gowns and she still has to help Golden Goose Scarpa customers pick out fashion-forward footwear online.


Acid is a scary word, especially when you’re thinking of applying it to your face, but acids can be some of the most hard working ingredients in your skincare regimen, as long as you know how to use them. Between AHAs, BHAs, and everything in between, it’s easy to be confused by the label.